Comment by the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Andres Sutt on the Riigikogu decision to ratify the NATO accession protocols of Finland and Sweden

“The decision to ratify the NATO accession protocols of Finland and Sweden among member states is one of the most significant foreign policy decisions of this term of the Riigikogu. Finland and Sweden joining NATO reinforces not only our security but also that of the entire Alliance.
NATO’s strength lies in unity. The Alliance comprising 30 members and more than a billion people agrees that Russia is our greatest security threat. This is why the presence and defence posture of Allied forces in this region will be boosted. Russia’s power politics do not deter us from standing up for freedom and democracy. This remains true now, as Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine, at the heart of Europe, is in its 133rd day.
Finland and Sweden are already strong countries with good defence capabilities in their own right. As NATO members, they would be providing, not receiving security in the Alliance. In addition to Finland and Sweden joining NATO, it is important to underline that Ukraine and Georgia also have membership prospects.
I hope the ratification process is also quick in other countries and soon, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg can extend a formal invitation to join to Finland and Sweden, making them our equal partners in NATO.”

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