Foreign Minister Liimets: Russia’s war in Ukraine must be stopped

Today 27 February, Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets attended a special video meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union to coordinate further diplomatic steps and expanding sanctions in response to Russia’s large-scale military aggression in Ukraine that runs counter to all norms of international law.

“The position of European Union states and our partners and Allies is united: Russia’s military aggression is a crime against sovereign and democratic Ukraine and in fact, all of Europe, because it is obvious that Russia’s war against Ukraine has a great impact on all of Europe. Russia’s hostile military actions must be stopped,” Foreign Minister Liimets underlined.

The ministers discussed imposing specific sanctions and coordinating them among member states. “At today’s meeting, Estonia supported the European Commission’s proposal to disengage the main Russian banks from the international SWIFT payment system and freeze the assets of Russia’s central bank to prevent Russia from mitigating the impact of sanctions. A transatlantic working group will be established to identify and freeze the assets of individuals and companies that support Russia’s aggression and are sanctioned.”

Estonia welcomed the decision to close European Union airspace to Russian planes. “We will definitely coordinate our actions against hybrid warfare, including hostile disinformation. These measures include banning the Kremlin’s media channels Russia Today and Sputnik,” Foreign Minister Liimets added.

“Ukraine needs our strong moral, political, economic and military support. This is why we are providing Ukraine with rapid and substantial defence assistance through the European Peace Facility,” the minister said. “Estonia is providing political support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including through the civil initiatives of Estonia’s people, companies and organisations. Estonia is also helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine. What is happening in Ukraine immediately affects many people in Estonia, their families and friends. This was evident yesterday at the largest peaceful demonstration in Estonia since the restoration of independence.”

“With this war, Russian President Putin is not destroying only the peaceful lives of millions of Ukrainians but also his own people,” Liimets said.

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